Link News
Apr 20 2017

Personalized Printing

Millennials are consumed by personalization in brands, which is evident in the highly successful personalized branding campaigns launched by top brands such as Coke and Budweiser.


With Millennials estimated to spend a whopping $1.4 trillion annually, means that business owners and marketing executives either need to start thinking like Millennials now or they risk getting left behind fast.


In line with this trend of personalized branding, Link innovation offers our clients an affordable and unique opportunity to communicate personalized messages to each of their customers …directly to their packaging! This is accomplished with a groundbreaking technology utilizing digital printing capabilities.


Printing a personalized message to individual customers is possible with the use of our HP Indigo 30,000 digital press. The packaging industry has made tremendous advancements with digital print technology, and with only a very small handful of these machines in operation in the world, Link innovation offers our clients the ability to create 100% original and personalized packaging to each of their customers.


In addition to the ability to offer personalized messaging, with the use of HP’s Mosaic Software packaging, the HP Indigo 30,000 creates one of a kind designs using computer algorithms that make slight changes to the packaging artwork to create unique versions, each different from the next. This allows our clients to offer one of a kind packaging to each of their customers.


Digital print capabilities provided by the Indigo 30,000 Digital press make personalization a reality, where it’s simply not possible with traditional off-set printing due to the extremely prohibitive costs for print plates and press set up. With Digital printing, packaging customization and personalization is now an affordable option that could dramatically set you apart from your competitors.


Contact Link innovation today to discuss how you can offer your customers their own personalized piece of YOUR brand.