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Link Innovation specializes in producing high impact, high quality print packaging with a high-end look and feel that will draw attention and add exquisite value to your products.

Packaging is our expertise.  Your retail package, whether a custom folding carton, POP display, shopping bag, corrugated box, elaborate gift packaging, or other printed package, will ultimately determine success in how your product is marketed and often serves as your only salesperson.  Your packaging needs to attract attention, establish value, show credibility and ultimately sell your products.  With the amount of competition in the market today, this is not an easy task.  Fortunately, Link Innovation can help!

Digital Printing

Personalized Printing – Customized and Personalized Packaging are now affordable options with the use of the HP Indigo 30,000 Digital Press.

The packaging industry has made tremendous advancements with digital print technology, and with only a very small handful of these machines in operation in the world, we offer our clients the ability to create 100% original and personalized packaging to each of their customers. How original is your packaging?



Quick Turnaround

Quick turnaround timing is everything.  And with most packaging projects, the sooner, the better.  We understand the importance of a schedule for your product launch, so we have a well-defined system in place to give you specific answers on when you can expect every facet of your project.

From the initial call to the development of a template, proofs, and ultimately the final printing and delivery of your packaging, Link Innovation prides itself on being dependable in our commitment to delivering exceptional results in every facet of your project.  We offer quick prototypes in singles or more for presentations. We create and deliver most projects within 10 working days after clients place orders with us.  That speed (without sacrificing quality) has helped make us a leader in our industry.

Client Support

We support our clients throughout the entire process by providing the range of services that you require.

  • Our team of designers work to understand your business and brand, and to guide you through the initial design concept.
  • Our project managers will assist you with packaging and container selection, and will provide you with options for material and product sourcing.
  • Our printing production is second to none, utilizing the latest print production techniques and top of the line production machinery and technology.
  • Our logistics team will coordinate with your filling laboratories or fulfillment house to deliver your packaging for filling.
  • Our kitting & assembly services and fulfillment & warehousing services will coordinate distribution with your vendors, on time, every time!

Special Techniques

Link Innovation has the experience and resources to apply special techniques to your packaging, if desired.

We enjoy showing you all of the special effect options we have.  Special papers, inks and coatings are common to us.  We offer — and can easily deliver — foil stamping and embossing.  Please let us know what you are trying to accomplish or your desired end package.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Film Lamination

Pearlescent Coatings

Gloss/Dull Effects

Foil Stamping


Matte Aqueous

Soft-Touch Coating


Metallic Inks

Spot Techniques

UV Coating

Semi-Textured Coating



Scented Scratch & Sniff


Our Package Creation Process

Link Innovation creates packaging through the following process:

We first finalize an initial concept shape.  Once that shape has been decided upon, we then search our database of hundreds of existing dies to see if we have a match.  If we do, then we use the match.  If, on the other hand, your style is unique, then we will incorporate our CAD Structural Design professionals to help create a prototype that meets your specifications.


Each printed box starts out as a flat white sheet of paper that will move through a press to apply your graphics with inks and the coating of your choosing.

Die Cutting

Once the paper has staged and dried, it will move to a die cutter. This machine scores, perfs and cuts out the shape of your packaging with precision.


If you decide to include a window with Mylar attached to it, then the package will flow to our windowing department. Our windowing machines can reach a broader size and capabilities than most. Direct customers and many printers utilize our windowing service.


The flat box then moves on to folding and gluing, where the box enters equipment that will fold and glue your packaging in one motion and again with precision. Link Innovation has top-of-the-line folding and gluing equipment.